RedHawk Linux

The RedHawk Linux RTOS is an industry-standard, real-time operating system for x86-based platforms.   The open source RedHawk operating system is fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and it leverages the power of multi-processing, multi-core technology.  That makes it especially suitable for challenging server-class and embedded applications that require low latency. The RedHawk real-time OS is available in two product versions:

  • RedHawk Linux Server
  • RedHawk Linux Embedded

Whether you’re running it in hard or soft real-time environments, RedHawk real-time Linux will deliver the  guaranteed response you need.  It’s ideal for a broad range of deterministic applications, including:

  • Modeling and simulation
  • Industrial control
  • Financial trading
  • Medical imaging

RedHawk real-time Linux delivers the lightning fast response time your business demands.  We guarantee a user-level-application response time of 5 microseconds or less to external events when  running on certified platforms.

The RedHawk RTOS development environment features these valuable components:

  • NightStar is a powerful, integrated tool suite for debugging and analyzing time-critical Linux applications.
  • Architect provides an easy-to-use GUI that lets developers choose the packages and application modules to install for embedded applications.

RedHawk Compilers

Concurrent offers optimized compilers for the FORTRAN 77 and Ada 95* languages.  Each compiler uses:

  • A language-specific front-end
  • A common back-end for code generation and optimization.



 Optimization is tuned for best performance on the target platform.